Make a positive impact through the systems approach

SysEne Consulting Inc. is looking for a Senior Systems Engineer, with experience in the Energy and Transportation sectors, to join our team in Vancouver, BC.

You will help clients develop systems solutions, speed up their development, improve their quality, improve their environmental impact, and lower their costs. We are looking for a talented and experienced engineer who is an expert in systems or process engineering, broad team collaboration, and is good at working with people. You will be able to work with world leading experts, and with world leading customers that recognize the value of the systems approach. If you like solving very interesting systems problems on the path to make the world a better place, come join us!

Required Skills and Experience

  • 15+ years of experience or 10+ years with an advanced degree in complex product development as a Senior Systems Engineer, or in the power or oil and gas industry as a Senior Process Engineer
  • A wide variety of projects in your portfolio that you have been responsible for, from conceptual design through to customer success
  • An excellent understanding of requirements development and management, especially to work with people to learn, identify, understand, communicate, and document requirements.
  • Strong capability to effectively work with people in all roles, from technical operations staff, fellow engineers of all disciplines, middle management, senior management, and clients of major Multi-National companies
  • Systems Architecture, Systems Design, and Trade-off Studies
  • Energy plant Process Engineering
  • Systems Performance Analysis of operating systems, power plants, or engines
  • Systems Thermodynamic Modelling using tools like VMGSim, Aspen, and Excel. Dynamic modelling is a bonus.
  • Subsystem, Component, and Equipment specification
  • Failure analysis, Failure avoidance, HAZOP, Robust Engineering Design
  • High level controls specifications
  • Experience with multiple iterations of the entire Systems Life-Cycle: Research, Product Development, Manufacturing, Field Operations, Disposal
  • Experience with traditional management methods (hierarchical) and modern management methods (social networks)
  • Modern supply chain management, with collaborative methods and shared technical simulation models
  • Preferred Domain Knowledge: Energy, Thermodynamics, Natural Gas Processing (Desulfurization, Steam Reforming, Combustion, Preferential Oxidation, LNG), Energy Efficiency, Cleantech
  • Strong writing skills for technical reports. Strong ability to summarize and present material for Senior Managers
  • A Mechanical, Chemical or Engineering Physics engineering degree and eligibility for a P.Eng. in BC. A Masters or Ph.D is welcome
This is a permanent position. SysEne Consulting Inc. offers a competitive salary, extended health and dental benefits, flextime, telecommuting, and a competitive vacation package.

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