Craig Louie, P.Eng.
Craig Louie, P.Eng. Co-founder
Craig Louie is an expert at applying the systems approach to complex product development and complex project management. This approach uses a holistic approach to the integration of technology, processes, and people in multi-stakeholder environments. He has grown from an expert systems engineering leader of novel clean energy systems and the Chief Strategy Officer of an Automotive Fuel Cell Joint Venture to a Engineering and Management Consultant to important organizations. Craig has an Engineering Physics degree from UBC and has over 25 years of experience in industry. Craig has been the systems lead of multiple novel complex systems, from concept to manufacturing and field deployment. Craig has been a project lead of large complex development and infrastructure projects, including leading Global Development teams. Craig is currently leading a complex systems project for TransLink and is also helping TransLink improve their project management and systems engineering processes.
Chris Norman, P.Eng.
Chris Norman, P.Eng. Co-founder
Chris Norman is an expert in applying systems engineering and business strategy to industrial resource and energy projects, acquiring utility funding, and leading multi-company clean tech projects. Chris is also an expert in development test engineering and performance analysis of complex systems, and has led large commissioning teams of complex powerplants. He has grown from an expert systems development and test engineering leader of novel clean energy systems to a World leader in Resource Management projects for multiple industries. Chris has an Engineering Physics degree from UBC, 1991, where he met Craig, and they have been good friends and colleagues ever since. Chris has been a continuous student of Development Testing, and has a real "feel" for how systems and components "want to run". Chris is naturally a people person, leader, coach, team player, and mentor in all walks of his life. Chris is known for his wisdom, experience, and strong project management skills. Chris has completed the Certified Energy Manager training by CIET and AEE.
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