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The health care system is one of the most complex systems with evolving medical science and technology, multiple stakeholders, increased specialization, and rising expectations of what can be done to treat illnesses, and a lot of realpolitik. There is a real need to improve health care with increased population, aging, and budgetary pressures. The opportunity for improvement is massive. In the US, approximately 33% of health care costs are wasted, 20-33% of hospitalized patients experience a medical error with about half of them preventable, many quality issues, and caregivers and patients do not have enough necessary information when needed. More advanced approaches are necessary to deal with the hyper-dynamics in the industry.

Latest thinking

Systems approaches are increasingly being used in the health care industry with many new health care systems engineering programs in universities and hospitals. Medical device companies are finding that applying systems tools and methodologies are able to improve development times, improve quality and interoperability, and speed regulatory approvals. In some cases, improved information technology approaches yield the promised potential. Yet for all the success stories, there are projects and technologies that miss expectations or don’t meet potential, often because the approach taken was unable to handle the complexity of the industry, stakeholders, and interactions.
Worldwide, a good example of this approach is Report to President, Better Health Care and Lower Costs: Accelerating Improvement through Systems Engineering, 2014, President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology,

Our services

We are members of the INCOSE (International Council of Systems Engineers) Biomedical Health Care Working Group, who has a mission to develop best systems approaches, tool, and practices for the Health Care Industry.  We can bring examples of useful tools and practices for the Health Care Industry, such as automated FMEA (failure modes and effects analysis) that can improve medical device quality and speed regulatory approvals.  We can also advise health care authorities on systems and practices that are best in class from other regions, and how to adapt them to their own system.

Our example projects and case studies

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