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The market of Maritime / Marine / Naval Systems, consisting of surface vehicles, sub-surface vehicles, subsea power generation systems, and harbour control systems, to name a few, is a domain fully laden with large, complex systems that are required to sustain some of the harshest environments.

Maritime and naval engineered systems are complex systems and their development and upkeep spans not only the hull mechanical & electrical (HM&E) aspects but also integration with various on-board systems such as sensors and communications. Moreover, an emphasis on manufacturability, maintainability, upgradability, and modularity is important, to facilitate modernization during a maritime system’s life. Consideration of future technologies and possible upgrades or new applications for a ship is critically important in the development of ship systems that can serve effectively and efficiently for many years during the typically decades-long service life of the undergirding HM&E.

In the case of warships and naval systems, all of the above become even more important, as the breadth of the ship system of systems (SoS) expands. This includes integration with a broad variety of sensors, as well as command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (C4ISR) systems, battle management systems, ship borne naval aircraft, weapon systems, and more.

Some of the modern technological trends in this domain include:
  • New sensor technologies including cooperative sonar and side scan sonar, adaptive radar and multi-beam phased array radar, and inertial sensors such as ring laser gyroscopes
  • Developments in electronic warfare
  • Developments in maritime safety systems such as Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS) and augmented reality in bridge systems as well as Additional Military Layers (AML) in integrated bridge combat systems
  • Stealth including exterior design and technologies such as passive radar and sonar
  • Growth in system complexity resulting in increasingly complex troubleshooting and new challenges in safety & reliability
  • Increased automation of ship control (e.g. multi-engine smart control) and bridge systems, and increased reliance on autonomy
  • Dynamic positioning and navigation
  • LNG fuel solutions for ship propulsion

Maritime application trends include:
  • A naval trend towards certification to commercial standards (IMO, GL, etc.)
  • Arctic shelf and offshore exploration and survey
  • Trends towards deeper-water offshore oil extraction
  • Ship bridge system upgrades
  • Replacement of submarine fleets
  • Increased use of unmanned surface, aircraft, and underwater systems
  • Sub-marine drilling

Latest thinking

Maritime and Naval systems continue to evolve while new programs are subjected to strong market pressures while they are required to improve in efficiency and capability. The systems approach is of high importance in this domain, where systems are subject to some of the harshest operating conditions and are yet expected to deliver service life among the longest of all mobile engineered systems. To deliver successful systems, one must exercise long-term vision and a holistic systems approach, broadly considering the full scope of application and expected trends or variation in system mission and objectives. The growth in system complexity and sophistication, as well as trends towards increased standardization, brings forth important challenges in system safety, reliability, total cost, and compliance. System development organizations must account for these factors and many others to correctly define and manage thorough sets of requirements, later invaluable in well-defining and managing program budget, scope, and schedule.

Our services

We support Maritime and Naval system and subsystem developers and manufacturers in a variety of systems engineering tasks, such as safety and reliability assessments, requirements engineering, standard compliance support, product development support, and others. We also offer consulting support in various management and business functions, product road-mapping, and strategy.
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