Systems thinking for the connected world

The world is getting more complex, with more connectivity, higher customer expectations, greater environmental concerns, and ever-increasing budget pressures. Technology underpins all of our efforts, and inadequate technology application/assessment/commercialization is too common today. The best outcomes integrate technology, process, and people into a satisfying and cost-effective systems solution.

SysEne Consulting Inc. is an engineering and management consulting company that helps you achieve high performance in your project/product/policy development efforts. We often see:
  • systems failures in the dimensions of technology, process, and people,
  • management consulting firms that lack strength in technology, engineering, or product development,
  • engineering consulting firms that lack strength in management consulting - strategy, life-cycle economics, policy studies, social aspects, and capacity building.
Our clients are a broad mix of public-, private-, and not-for-profit organizations in the energy, transportation, resource, and high tech industries.  Most of our projects are for  important infrastructure – alternative energy systems, better transportation systems, improved resource supply chains, or effective policies/programs.  Our clients see the increasing challenges and are looking for a modern, systematic, all-encompassing solution for the opportunities and risks they are facing.
SysEne’s team has both the engineering and management experience to effectively apply the Systems Approach, good technology application, and the triple-bottom line for the best client outcomes.
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