Testimonials & Recommendations

Corey Houle
SysEne has very good expertise in Technology and Product Roadmapping, including development strategy, potential partners, and technology “S-curve” analysis. I found great value in their expert assistance to our technology and product development of tethered wing renewable energy technology, and I would recommend SysEne for this service. (2016)
Corey Houle Co-founder and CTO, TwingTec AG
Kathy Schwiebert
Craig is an expert in Systems Engineering, Complex Product Development and Systems Modelling. He went the extra mile to ensure that my team's needs and expectations were met. His help has been very valuable so far, and we look forward to further collaboration in the future. (2015)
Kathy Schwiebert Director, Fuel Cell Systems at Ballard Power Systems
Alakh Prasad
Craig is an outstanding Systems Engineer and Management Consultant with extensive experience in the Clean Energy industry.  Craig has successfully led many engineering and business projects for Quadrogen in the past 18 months.  His multi-disciplinary approach to systems design and execution of successful product development programs will be a great asset for any growing company. He works hard to ensure that the key objectives and milestones are met within budget and time. His experience and expertise will be extremely valuable in building a world class company.  I look forward to continuing Quadrogen’s working relationship with Craig in future. (2014)
Alakh Prasad President & CEO, Quadrogen Power Systems
Dr. Andreas Truckenbrodt
Craig supported the performance and growth of AFCC in an outstanding manner. Based on a sound technical/engineering expertise, he's able to tackle structural and strategic issues successfully. Craig was also instrumental in building and expanding relationships to government, research institutions and academia including securing respective funding. Craig's work ethics is exemplary. I can only highly recommend Craig. (2013)
Dr. Andreas Truckenbrodt CEO, Automotive Fuel Cell Cooperation
David S. Watkins
Craig was instrumental in creating Systems Engineering at Ballard in the early 1990s. His work included Systems Analysis, System Design, Controls Definition & Performance Analysis. Up until 1999, his major focus was on the development of a 250 kW class Natural gas fueled stationary power plant. His technical, organizational and management skills were second to none.
After 1999, as a member of the Advanced System Design group, Craig provided key technical direction for the transportation, stationary and portable power plants for the overall Ballard organization. Also included were detailed competitive analysis of other companies & evaluation and assessment of advanced concepts and strategic technologies Ballard was interested in investing in.

Craig is a hard working, results orientated engineer. Craig's wisdom and practical, strategic experience in the Fuel Cell Industry is genuine. Companies looking for first class assistance should look to Craig. (2013)
David S. Watkins Director Advanced System Design, Ballard Power Systems (1983 to 2002 -Retired)
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