Who We Are

SysEne Consulting Inc. is a federally incorporated company headquartered in Vancouver, BC. We were established in February 2015. We are built around a core of seven highly experienced, networked, and capable consultants that cover a broad spectrum of industries and provide synergy and team strength.

Our clients are a broad mix of public-, private-, and not-for-profit organizations in the energy, transportation, resource, and high tech industries. They see the increasing challenges and are looking for a modern, systematic, all-encompassing solution to the problems and risks they are facing. Our experience with Global operations enable us to work with clients in different countries that have operations or own projects there.

We work as a team to deliver results and we partner with other companies to deliver larger projects. On larger projects we typically are responsible for the strategy, plan, analysis, overall system design, and project management. For detailed implementation, we often subcontract or partner with others, organize the project for vendor bids, or we contract help into SysEne as required.

Defined by our people

The quality of our people is the key to our ability to serve our clients. We have therefore invested significant effort in identifying exceptional people, fostering their competencies, and creating an environment for them to grow. All of our consultants have a deep technical background either as an engineer or PhD, and have extensive experience in management. They have joined SysEne to apply their talents to complex and important challenges.

Effective use of knowledge

We work in industries where we have deep knowledge of the business and of the technical domain.  We ensure we understand every client’s institutional context, industry dynamics, regulatory policy, and economics.  We study markets, players, trends, and best practices in every industry globally.  All of us contribute our time and expertise to develop key insights, because they are critical to help our clients achieve their objectives.

We publish our findings on our blog or on LinkedIn in order to further the practice of engineering and management.  We engage with and lead some communities of practice of thought leaders on the most important issues facing our clients and society.
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