GHG, Energy & Water Management


Climate change issues, volatile energy prices, scarcity of clean water, and increasingly sophisticated government regulation are common market challenges. These factors increase the complexity, risks, and opportunities for even the best-run organizations.

In the past, energy has been one of the key precious enablers of economic and social activity. Today, GHG emissions and water are becoming as important as energy as key precious enablers, and they will both continue to increase in importance in the future. There are now more stakeholders than ever that require responsible management for all three of these commodities – industry, government, investors, and the public - and only the organizations that effectively manage these commodities will thrive in the future.

Disclosure of energy usage, GHG emissions, and water issues is becoming a reality. All three of these commodities are increasingly required to be reported with the same fiduciary due diligence as money.


By improving the management of GHGs, energy, and water, there will be improvements to the financial performance of your operations, and you will improve the social and investment profile of your enterprise. Yet approaching the problem from conventional management consulting accounting approaches or conventional engineering project approaches are not as effective as our integrated engineering and management approach. Within an organization and their facilities, GHG, energy, and water are all cross-functional, cross-organizational, and technical engineering processes; in other words, a complex mix of technical processes, business processes, and people processes. The best approach to manage all three together is to use a systems approach. We combine modern business processes, application of the right information technology, facilitation of culture change, and the right engineering system design of your operations into a superior solution.

Our services

We provide a complete service for developing, implementing and operating corporate GHG, energy, and water management programs, for both head offices and technical facility operations. This includes:

  • strategy
  • financial accounting
  • business processes
  • technical engineering design
  • GHG and water risk assessment
  • energy efficiency
  • renewable energy evaluation and integration
  • water balance, process chemistry, and water treatment
  • GHG reporting
  • policy development
  • application of innovative technology
  • GHG reduction program
  • sustained implementation
  • complex carbon trading systems

We apply an integrated systems approach across the areas of operations, environment, supply chain, and information technology to help organizations make the connection between sustainability and economic performance. We use system modelling and simulation to develop baseline analysis and evaluate alternatives.

For GHG management, we have worked with organizations to deliver programs that meet “baseline and trade” systems in Alberta, “carbon tax” systems in B.C. as well as “Cap and Trade” in Québec, California and Ontario. When the federal regulations are finalized we will be assisting clients with the coexistence of both the provincial and the new federal system. SysEne draws on our systems engineering, risk management, GHG auditing, carbon reduction programs and carbon reporting experience to drive effective short- and long-term planning for regulatory compliance and business success.

For energy management and water management, we have worked with developing energy systems, water systems and management programs in the industrial sectors of power, mining, oil and gas, alternative energy, transportation, bioenergy, and wastewater.

Some examples of our services include:

  • GHG management and climate change strategy development. We provide an overview of the carbon policy risks to your operations and evaluate the benefits of key strategic options.
  • Energy efficiency programs. We develop complete “all-fuels” energy efficiency programs that create sustainable improvements, reduce costs, and meet the needs of both site and head office.
  • Integrated water management programs. We develop programs that manage water to meet regulatory requirements, integrate water strategy into your operations, and develop the management structure. We help organize and facilitate stakeholder engagements. We technically analyze and design water solutions, including dynamic systems analysis for water balances, determine measurement instrumentation, evaluate innovative technology systems, improve process design, and develop treatment solutions.
  • GHG, energy, and water data management system assessments. We can evaluate existing data management systems, identify areas of strength and areas of weakness, and provide recommendations for improvement.
  • GHG reduction and operational efficiency. We can assist your company in establishing an operational efficiency program to measure and identify cost and GHG reduction opportunities.
  • GHG reduction and energy efficiency measurement and verification. We develop measurement and verification procedures for carbon reporting and government incentive programs.

Examples and case studies from our former experiences

  • Contributing author to Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers Fuel Gas Best Management Practices
  • Contributing author to CETAC-WEST: Energy Conservation Solutions Upstream Oil and Gas Eco-Efficiency Pilot
  • CCEMC Cenovus REMVue air fuel ratio control and Slipstream vent capture project.
  • CCEMC Global Analyzer Systems Stack-top temperature reduction project.
  • Goldcorp Energy Management program. > $10 million/year energy program incentive funding.
  • Energy efficiency and emissions reduction projects:
    • BP Canada Energy/ATCO Midstream: West Pembina Gas Plant
    • Husky Energy: Rainbow Lake Processing Plant, Ram River Gas Plant, Pikes Peak EOR Project, Slave Oil and Gas Facility, Tangleflags Heavy Oil Battery
    • Keyera: Nordegg River Gas Plant, Rimbey Gas Plant
    • Nexen Canada: Balzac Gas Plant
    • Talisman Energy: Edson Gas Plant
    • Shell Canada: Caroline Gas Plant, Waterton Gas Plant
    • Goldcorp: Ventilation-on-Demand Eleonore Mine
    • Goldcorp: 4.5 MW diesel electricity reduction, Musselwhite mine
    • Barrick Gold: Comminution Circuit Optimization, 61 Million kWh annual energy savings and $5 million annual cash savings
    • Highland Valley Copper: Pumping system energy savings, $600k/year, < 1 year payback

Our example projects and case studies

  • Water wash tower process design and system modelling for landfill gas clean-up and upgrading systems, Greenlane Biogas NA, 2015
  • Methanol distillation tower system design to improve wastewater effluent for a biodiesel plant, Community Fuels, 2016
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