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The world is getting more complex, with more change, higher expectations, and time and budget pressures. Many projects underperform because of complexity, conventional approaches or siloed teams. Every industry is now part of a larger connected system-of-systems, and commercializing technology is getting more difficult. There are more interactions, more regulations, more competition, and more expectations than ever before.


Every complex problem has technical, process, and people aspects that are best solved with a holistic approach of proven methodologies. Most business problems are management problems. More often than not, technologies fail not because of the technology, but because of the application to the real world, which is chaotic, messy, and must consider politics. Many projects fail as overly technical organizations don’t consider the management areas of customer, market, finance, politics, or risk enough. Many other projects fail in the difficult aspects of technology commercialization, integration, quality, application, costs, reliability, safety, performance, security, or interoperability. For a large subset of problems, a synergized engineering and management approach is the best approach.

In order to realize new capabilities, systems, plants, processes, or projects, the most important aspect is People. We specialize in collaborations, training, coaching, and workshops to be able to make projects move forward in an efficient and long-lasting way that all key stakeholders can support.
Anything new, making changes, dealing with cultural issues, or getting buy-in is hard. To make lasting and real change:

  • Team members themselves have to understand that it is their enlightened self-interest to make the necessary changes in processes, behaviours, and methodology.
  • Senior Management must provide the right conditions and leadership.
  • Effective teams have to be created across organizational boundaries, regions, and cultures,
  • Everyone has their own perspectives based on their background and disposition
  • Specific competencies in the team can be enhanced by best practices training
  • Organizations can be designed and optimized for the improvement
  • Sometimes a change agent and facilitator is required

Our services

We specialize in management consulting on complex projects that encompass technical, process, and people.  We also specialize in technology commercialization and application.  Our services span market, strategy, development, implementation, and application – the whole life-cycle, and from wells-to-wheels.

  • Strategy development – analysis, synthesis, implementation
  • Development plans – technical, supply chain
  • Business development
  • Market analysis
  • Program Improvements – processes, HR, incentives
  • Financial analysis
  • Technology and product roadmapping
  • Collaboration frameworks and agreements
  • Political process management
  • Funding acquisition / Government partnering
  • Organization systems analysis and design
  • Training, Advisory, Communities of Practice
  • Management coaching
  • Workshop facilitation
SysEne has strong capabilities and accomplishments enabling teams, organizations, and individuals to make great things happen, and enabling great individual satisfaction along the way.

Our example projects and case studies

Every project we have done has a management consulting component, whether it is strategy, funding, approach, change to management systems, culture change, training, market research, funding assistance, /or risk management.
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