Market & Concept Feasibility Analysis


Too many new product initiatives and projects do not meet expectations. Customers are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their buying decisions, whether that is a consumer, a business, or Government. Globalization has brought different cultural value sets to consider. Customers have unstated requirements.

Concept feasibility is challenging to get right with today’s rate of change in the marketplace, increased competition, and more situational complexity. Concept feasibility requires iteration between technical and economic aspects, the market, and all the supporting ecosystems such as supply chains or Government policy. Yet over 70% of major initiatives fail in expectations, cost, schedule, etc. – and in too many of these cases the market study and concept feasibility analysis underestimated major elements such as risk, complexity, interactions, politics, etc.


The best approach is a fusion of:
  • a deep understanding of the domain and industry
  • insights into how the future supertrends of increased connectivity, more sustainable policies, and more complexity
  • an awareness of societal norms and preference
  • an understanding of how customers hire products and services for the job to be done
  • and a holistic systems approach to develop conceptual solutions for the market

Our services

We develop market analyses and concept feasibility analyses in each of the industries that we work in.  Whether that is a company developing a new product, a government determining new policy, or a utility investing in a new energy plant, we have the team to help you.

Our example projects and case studies

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