Plant Performance Testing & Analysis


Power plants and gas processing plants have high CAPEX, and OPEX is a critical parameter and under increasing pressure these days. For all parties including the Owner, Operator, and the Supplier(s) (EPC(m) etc.), an appropriate test is required to demonstrate that the agreed performance criteria are met. Since the plant often does not operate exactly at the agreed reference conditions, appropriate correction factors are required, often determined through system simulation. Additionally, there is measurement uncertainty in the plant instrumentation that needs to be taken into account. New emissions regulations on carbon and emissions are requiring changes to existing plants to confirm baseline performance to high accuracy. Final contract payments require verification or performance in a timely manner and using methods that can be agreed by all stakeholders.


A total systems approach to the performance testing and analysis can capture all the required information in an efficient and integrated way, as compared to different companies running different tests (i.e. performance separate from emissions). The test and analysis plan can also be set up for operational real-time monitoring for future reporting, or advanced analytics for reporting and preventive maintenance. Performance based “as-built” models can be developed for performance confirmation, comparison to design intent, and for troubleshooting.

Our services

SysEne has extensive experience in Power Plant and Gas Processing Testing and Analysis, both steady-state and dynamic. We provide in-depth and independent services.

SysEne is able to work with all parties to get agreement on the plan, methods, and criteria, and then help or lead the execution of the plan.

  • Independent performance testing
  • Performance test and analysis plan
  • Acceptance criteria
  • Execution and witnessing services
  • Instrumentation and lab analysis specification
  • Uncertainty analysis
  • Test and analysis procedures
  • Thermodynamic and Chemical Modelling and Simulation

Our example projects and case studies

  • Performance analysis of 11 existing biogas upgrading plants of 5 different designs for Greenlane Biogas NA, 2015
  • Performance analysis of landfill biogas upgrading plant, FortisBC, 2015
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