Automotive & Heavy Duty Transportation


Automotive is changing with consumers embracing new modes such as Mobility-as-a-Service. Intelligent transportation systems and self-driving cars are moving from science fiction to reality. Cars are sometimes considered as “rolling electronics platforms” by automakers with the increasing use of connected computing and data for the consumer. And the most successful new alternative powertrain cars have used a “total systems approach” to the design and development, such as the Toyota Prius and Tesla Model S.

Heavy duty transportation systems are adopting new technologies, such as smart card fare systems, integration of communication technologies to enhance rider safety, and cleaner powertrain options. The most successful transit technology implementations use the total systems approach to develop the optimal set of requirements, verification activities, and systems integration planning.

Latest thinking

The complexity of the motive transportation market, technologies, and products has increased substantially, and the value of the systems approach to the business is very high. The winners will be organizations that adapt to the new ecosystem, develop the right strategy, and make the right partnerships.

Our services

We support companies at all levels of the supply chain, whether they are vehicles or the broader transportation system. We also support Governments and regulators with expert advisory on industry trends, techno-economic pathway studies, and technology commercialization analysis. We support intelligent transportation systems project organizations to improve their systems, safety, and reliability engineering capabilities through improvement programs and expert assistance.

Example projects and case studies from our former experiences

  • Automotive fuel cell system development and development strategy for AFCC, JV of Daimler AG and Ford Motor Company, 2008-2013; Some of AFCC’s work continues through the activities of Mercedes-Benz Canada Fuel Cell Division (MBFC)
  • Stack/systems & reliability engineering lead for 300 kW fuel cell buses, deployed in EU, NA, and China, 2000-2004

Our example projects

  • City of Vancouver Renewable City Strategy to 2050; Transportation Strategy Advisor
  • Fuel cell bus component specification strategy, including component localization to China, 2016
  • SkyTrain Evergreen CCTV Systems Deficiency Resolution, Project Management, TransLink, 2017
  • SkyTrain Passenger Information Display Systems Upgrade, Project Management, TransLink, 2017-present
  • SkyTrain Customer and Operations Telecommunications Upgrade, Project Management, TransLink, 2017-present
  • SkyTrain Tunnel Ventilation Systems Rehabilitation, Project Management, TransLink, 2017-2018
  • SkyTrain Waterfront Station Power Systems Upgrade, Project Management, TransLink, 2020-present
  • SkyTrain Broadway Station Track Intrusion Systems Upgrade, Project Management, TransLink, 2020-present
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