Clean Energy


Clean energy continues to increase strongly, both in market share and in worldwide activity even with the low cost of today’s fossil fuels. The cost of clean energy technologies and products continue to drop to competitive levels, especially when total costs of ownership, avoided investment, carbon pricing, risks of tighter regulation, and the ability for incremental investment are considered. The energy industry is also transitioning from conventional models to a “smart grid” interconnected system with new business models, new technologies, and more complex interactions.

Our services

We support technology and product developers of clean energy products and services. We help asset owners with developing their asset in today’s complex environment. We help Governments and regulators determine the right technology pathways that are likely to be commercialized for their regions, so they can develop the right policies.

Technologies we have experience with include:
  • Energy efficiency (“Negawatts”) in Oil and Gas, Mining, Pulp and Paper, Power, and Commercial
  • Renewable natural gas processing
  • Bioenergy
  • Energy storage
  • Smart-grid and Microgrids
  • Wind
  • Solar
  • Hydrogen and fuel cells

Example projects and case studies from our former experiences

  • Over 50 energy efficiency projects in Oil and Gas, Mining, Pulp and Paper
  • System design of multiple biomass and waste-to-energy projects
  • Fuel cell system design for multiple stationary powerplants, automotive, buses, and submarines

Our example projects and case studies

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