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The oil and gas industry faces challenging times with low prices, volatile prices, increasing difficulty to acquire production, increased environmental responsibility and regulation, and new technology. Oil and gas has had a more difficult time than most industries delivering projects that meet the planned expectations with over 70% of projects being under performance by 25%, over budget by 25%, or over schedule by 25%. Reasons for these difficulties include more difficult geology and geography requiring new technologies, insufficient effort in FEED studies, more reliance on ECPM’s for Owner’s functions, and other inflationary pressures. In good industry times, these project difficulties are not so critical to industry and company health. But in today’s world, with less capital availability and increased environmental responsibility, improved approaches are needed.

Latest thinking

Oil and gas has experienced 15 years of boom and is now going through the low end of the cycle with uncertainty on when the next up cycle will start, and what shape it will take. Progressive companies will structure their business, strategy, operations, and management systems for managing in today’s environment and also position themselves for future success. By applying a holistic systems analysis of the entire business, and investing in the right initiatives, companies can deliver on their desired longer term strategies.

Our services

  • We support oil and gas companies from technology suppliers to asset owners.
  • We help asset owners manage and improve carbon emissions and energy efficiency, by providing integrated solutions that encompass Global sites and head office.
  • We provide process engineering and optimization services for existing plants or to develop new technology plants.
  • We provide expert advisory to investment companies with market and technology application studies.

Examples and case studies from our former experiences

  • Contributing author to Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers Fuel Gas Best Management Practices
  • Contributing author to CETAC-WEST: Energy Conservation Solutions Upstream Oil and Gas Eco-Efficiency Pilot
  • CCEMC Cenovus REMVue air fuel ratio control and Slipstream vent capture project.
  • CCEMC Global Analyzer Systems Stack-top temperature reduction project.
  • Goldcorp Energy Management program.
  • Energy efficiency and emissions reduction projects:
    • BP Canada Energy/ATCO Midstream: West Pembina Gas Plant
    • Husky Energy: Rainbow Lake Processing Plant, Ram River Gas Plant, Pikes Peak EOR Project, Slave Oil and Gas Facility, Tangleflags Heavy Oil Battery
    • Keyera: Nordegg River Gas Plant, Rimbey Gas Plant
    • Nexen Canada: Balzac Gas Plant
    • Talisman Energy: Edson Gas Plant
    • Shell Canada: Caroline Gas Plant, Waterton Gas Plant
  • Regional LNG Plant Process Design and Analysis, 60,000 gallons/day, 2014

Our example projects and case studies

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